New Venue – Bavarian Bier Cafe Chatswood

The Bavarian Bier Cafe doesn’t do average beer.

We don’t do average trivia.

Now you can get Chatswood’s best food and beer and Sydney’s most interesting trivia at the same place.

iQ Trivia is kicking off a new venue at the Bavarian Bier Cafe in Chatswood.

Every Tuesday starting on 28 March, we will be hosting our unique brand of trivia at the Bavarian Bier Cafe in Chatswood starting at 7pm.

With happy hour until 7:00, you can set yourself up in the beer garden with a glass of your favourite German beer for just $5 and get in the running to win a $100 bar tab.

Naturally, they’ve got traditional Bavarian food for you, including their monster 1kg schnitzel, which is free if you can finish it in an hour.

For those of you who are less  hungry, there’s their Tuesday trivia special of a schnitzel and beer for $20.

To help you win, make sure you get the homework question by contacting us on with Bavarian Bier Cafe Chatswood in the subject line.

And finally, you can get regular hints on our Facebook group here.

See you at the Bavarian Bier Cafe, Tuesdays at 7pm.

New Venue – The Occidental Hotel, Sydney – Tuesdays at 7:00

When work ends on Tuesday, you can either head home, or you can head to Australia’s Most Interesting Trivia and get your fix every Tuesday at the Occidental Hotel next to Wynyard.

Whether you’re hungry.

Or thirsty.

Or you just want to win a bar tab and argue with friends and colleagues.

The Occidental has got you covered.  Call them on 9299 2531 to reserve a space.

The show kicks off at 7:00 every Tuesday.  Hints are available on our dedicated Facebook group here, and if you want the weekly homework question e-mailed to you, just contact us at with The Occidental in the subject line.

See you every Tuesday at the Occidental.  It sure beats heading home.

New Venue – 3 Wise Monkeys – Starting 16 January

It’s a new year, and in 2017 is bringing you a new venue.

Mondays at 6:30, we will be staging a show at 3 Wise Monkeys on the Corner of George Street and Liverpool Street in the city.

We will be pairing Sydney’s most interesting trivia with $5 Peronis, $5 spirits, $5.50 150 Lashes, and $11 Pizzas all night long starting on 16 January.

You are guaranteed to have a good time unless you hate beer and trivia, in which case we would ask you to quit ruining our vibe.

Bill from iQ Trivia will be posting regular hints on the dedicated Facebook group, and as always, you can get the homework question by e-mailing with 3 Wise Monkeys in the subject line.

See on at 6:30 on 16 January.


New Venue – Walt & Burley – Monday’s Starting 14 November

Monday means going back to work, but if you’re in Canberra, they also mean iQ Trivia and Walt & Burley on the Kingston Foreshore are teaming up to make the start of the week a bit easier to take.

It all starts at 7pm on 14 November with Canberra’s most interesting trivia paired with a great location, views across the lake, a menu that will ensure you never leave hungry, and the best stocked bar in Canberra.





If you like interesting trivia, good food, and good grog, you’ve found your new Monday home.  And if you don’t… you are probably some kind of creepy weirdo and we don’t want you around anyway.

Send an e-mail to for the weekly homework question, check out our Facebook page for further information, and call 6239 6648 to reserve a space.

See you on the 14th.

Barnardo’s Charity Show – 13 October 2016 – Old Canberra Inn

All you iQ Trivia regulars in Canberra have got something to do next Thursday, as one of our venues, The Old Canberra Inn, will be staging a trivia fundraiser for Barnardo’s on 13 October starting at 7:00.


The event will raise money for the Deadly All Stars – a group that aims to educate and foster Aboriginal culture for children and young people who cannot be raised in culturally appropriate homes due to child protection concerns.   They aim to further educate the carers of these children so their cultural identity can be integrated into their everyday life.

Both iQ Trivia and our regular host Joe will be donating our time and talent to the event, and anyone with an interest in the cause should get down to support it.

Tickets are $30 a head with a maximum of 8 people per team, and there are some great prizes on offer, including:

  • $500 cash donated by the Old Canberra Inn.
  • A keg of Capital Brewing’s Pale Ale delivered to your door along with all the equipment you need to enjoy that sweet, sweet beer.

There will also be an auction on the night so bring your wallet along if you want to take home additional prizes.

Contact the Old Canberra Inn directly for tickets on 6134 6000.

New Venue – The Paragon Hotel at Circular Quay

If you’re in Sydney and you like beer, steak, and trivia, you will want to read this.

iQ Trivia will be starting at a new venue on 21 June.

The Paragon Hotel right across from Circular Quay is combining $13 steaks, beer, and Australia’s most interesting trivia every Tuesday evening.  Turn up at 6:00 and settle in for the start of the show at 6:30.

Paragon Trivia 1

Paragon Trivia 2

We will have plenty of questions to keep your mind occupied and to get you arguing with your friends.

Paragon Trivia 3

And plenty of prizes to make it worth your while.

Paragon Trivia 4

Combine that with Sydney’s best looking bar staff and $13 steaks, it’s a recipe for the perfect Tuesday night out.  (Unless you are a humourless prig, in which case we don’t want you there.)

Paragon Trivia 5

Paragon Trivia 6

Send an e-mail to for the weekly homework question.

See you on the 21st.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert Trivia – 23 March

The votes are in, and we have a topic for our first themed trivia at The Oxford on Oxford Street next Wednesday.

It’s going to be about an obscure Australian film called The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

priscilla trivia 1

There will be a whole quiz worth of Priscilla questions, and a unique way to get bonus points too.

If anyone from your team comes to trivia next Wednesday dressed as a character from Priscilla, you will get a bonus point.

priscilla trivia 2

If your ENTIRE team comes dressed as characters from Priscilla, you will get two bonus points.

Priscilla Trivia 3

So between now and then you can watch the film once or twice, get thinking about wardrobe options, and reserve your spot at the Oxford by calling 9331 3467.

priscilla trivia 4

See you Wednesday at 7:00!

Orient Hotel Trivia – Starting 31 March

It’s happening.

After one venue closed down, another will be stepping up to make sure you get your trivia fix every Thursday.

orient trivia start

The Orient Hotel in the Rocks is the newest venue to be hosting iQ Trivia, which is great news if you like beer and Parmi & Chips for $15, and even better news if you like Australia’s Most Interesting Trivia.

Hosted by Bill from iQ Trivia, it’s the best way to spend your Thursday evening, unless you are a joyless prig in which case you are banned from iQ Trivia anyway.

orient rocks trivia 1

orient rocks trivia 2

If you want the homework question e-mail to you, contact

And if you think you might need a bit of help, there will be study hints published weekly here.

See you on the 31st!

Themed Trivia – 23 March 2016

We will be launching our first themed quiz on 23 March at the Oxford Hotel.

What’s the theme you ask?  Well that’s where you come in.

We are looking towards iconic Australian films, and we want you to vote for your preference.

The candidates are The Castle, Crocodile Dundee, Muriel’s Wedding, and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.





If you love any of these films, get to the Oxford Trivia Wednesday Facebook page and vote in the comments.

Spread the word and make sure your favourite film gets the most votes.

See you on the 23rd.

New Venue – The Oxford Hotel

iQ Trivia is moving to a new night in a new venue.

Oxford Street is synonymous with Mardi Gras, gay bars, entertainment, and now it’s going to become synonymous with Australia’s Most Interesting Trivia.

The Oxford Hotel will be hosting the first of many iQ Trivia shows starting on Wednesday 3 February.


And you can count on there being a bit of a difference at the Oxford.

There will be regular themed trivia shows held on a variety of subjects.  We’ve set up a Facebook group where we will be taking suggestions for subject matter.

So start planning your Wednesdays, and we will kick off at 7pm on 3 February.