New Venue – The Paragon Hotel at Circular Quay

If you’re in Sydney and you like beer, steak, and trivia, you will want to read this.

iQ Trivia will be starting at a new venue on 21 June.

The Paragon Hotel right across from Circular Quay is combining $13 steaks, beer, and Australia’s most interesting trivia every Tuesday evening.  Turn up at 6:00 and settle in for the start of the show at 6:30.

Paragon Trivia 1

Paragon Trivia 2

We will have plenty of questions to keep your mind occupied and to get you arguing with your friends.

Paragon Trivia 3

And plenty of prizes to make it worth your while.

Paragon Trivia 4

Combine that with Sydney’s best looking bar staff and $13 steaks, it’s a recipe for the perfect Tuesday night out.  (Unless you are a humourless prig, in which case we don’t want you there.)

Paragon Trivia 5

Paragon Trivia 6

Send an e-mail to for the weekly homework question.

See you on the 21st.

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