Team Name Bonus Point – Week of 19 June 2016

The election is getting closer and closer, and there are plenty of parties to choose from, many of which are doubling up.

There’s the Socialist Equality Party AND the Socialist Alliance, the Marijuana Party AND the Drug Reform Party, the Seniors United Party AND the Mature Australia Party, the Australian Liberty Alliance AND Rise Up Australia AND Pauline Hanson?

But maybe none of them speak to you.  Maybe you need to form your own.

So this week we want you to use your team name to propose a name for a political party that you would start.

australia election trivia

The Tim Tam Party

The It’s None of My Damn Business What You Do Party

The Meaningless Slogan Party

The Pandering Populist Party

Anything that is a political party that you would like to see will get you a bonus point.

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