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Meet Your Hosts – Alison O’Grady

Ally started off playing iQ Trivia, before deciding she was sufficiently sarcastic to be able to come on as a host. She comes to us from Sydney’s inner west – but insists she doesn’t eat her smashed avocado on toast

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Meet Your Hosts – Ilya Popov

Ilya hails from the Soviet Union, is not Irish (people regularly ask him if he is), identifies as a “geek”, and really likes cider. He insists he is not a Soviet spy, and spends his spare time reading science fiction

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Meet Your Hosts – Shane Murphy

Shane comes to iQ Trivia from the Royal Australian Navy, but he’s got plenty of talents that go beyond being a sailor. He’s also a lion tamer, Spitfire pilot, Elvis impersonator, bodyguard for the Dalai Lama, and he’s organising a

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Meet Your Hosts – Davey J

Davey J, is ready to cast off and set sail with you on the Seven Seas of Knowledge. A radio host, film-maker, performer, sports-star, rock-god and general bon vivant, Davey J will have you scratching your heads, begging for clues

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Meet Your Hosts – Tammy Paks

Tammy Paks is a drag princess, entertainer, hostess, singer, actress, and now hosts iQ Trivia as Canberra’s first and only Drag Trivia Show where the questions are a little more risque than usual. Miss Paks has performed at venues across

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Meet Your Hosts – Joe Podplesky

Originally from California, Joe slept through high school, and later served in the Marines to get a University degree.  But after years of guarding embassies all around the world, he thought he would rather live in a country where the

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