Free Drinks… if you like free drinks… and trivia.

We’re trying out a new policy starting this week.

We regularly post interesting questions here on the iQ Trivia website with links on Facebook and Twitter. This week the first person to post a comment on the website with the correct answer wins a free drink at the following week’s iQ Trivia show.

Here’s the plan. You’ve got to respond on the website and leave your e-mail so we can contact you. (Facebook comments or tweets are fine, but they won’t get you a free drink.) We will then contact you with a code word that you can give to the host of your preferred iQ Trivia venue the following week and they will set you up with a drink. (House beer or wine or basic spirits or soft drink. Sorry, no $100 cocktails.)

We want to spread the free drinks around so if you’ve won a free drink we will take you out of contention for a while, and you’ve got to redeem your free drink the following week. Other rules may be imposed as warranted.