Interesting Question of the Day – 1 March 2016

If you were to drop 32 balls into the top of this contraption and let them all fall through the pegs into the slots at the bottom, how many would you expect to end up in the two slots in the middle?

pascals triangle trivia

The first new player to comment on the website with the correct answer wins a free drink at their next iQ Trivia show.

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4 comments on “Interesting Question of the Day – 1 March 2016
  1. Kevin Bramboeck says:

    About 75% of them, or 24?
    (without actually building one, I’m just taking a bit of a punt)

    • iqtrivia says:

      Not 24.

      You could build one and try it out several times to average things out, or work it out mathematically.

  2. Kerwin says:

    20 (10 in each)

    • iqtrivia says:

      Well done.

      There would be ten in each of the middle two, five in each of the ones outside that, and one on each end.