Interesting Question of the Day – 13 March 2015

If you were to use a dictionary where all the words were spelt backwards, what would be the last word?

We’re not counting slang terms, proper nouns, acronyms, or abbreviations, but we will accept obscure words, provided they’re not just in the urban dictionary.

“Abuzz” is in the first few pages of a standard dictionary, but because it ends with the letter Z twice, it would be towards the end of our reversed letter dictionary.

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5 comments on “Interesting Question of the Day – 13 March 2015
  1. Drew says:


  2. nathan frawley says:


  3. nathan frawley says:

    And my guess without resorting to Google was fuzz, which seems like pretty close to last 😛

    • admin says:

      Fuzz would be the last word in frequent use with its letters reversed.

      Muzz, meaning a state of confusion, would come later.

      And later still, there’s tuzz, which is an obscure term for a clump of hair. (Today’s picture is a tuzz of hair from the head of Elvis Presley.)