Interesting Question of the Day – 24 July 2015

The evacuation of British children to the countryside in World War II was known as Operation What?

We’re not asking this for no reason.  Also, this could be classed as a literature question as well as a history question.

The first new player to comment on the website with the correct answer wins a free drink at their next iQ Trivia show.


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4 comments on “Interesting Question of the Day – 24 July 2015
  1. Kevin Bramboeck says:

    Operation “Pied Piper”.
    (Watch “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”)

    • iqtrivia says:

      That’s it. (Now I will have to watch that film.)

      Ironically, the Pied Piper was a story set in Hamelin in Germany.

  2. Wayne says:

    Operation Pied Piper?