Interesting Question of the Day – 28 January 2019

Imagine three sealed envelopes.

One contains a cheque for $10, one contains a cheque for $100, and one contains a cheque for $1,000.

Envelope A says: A has more money than B.  Envelope B says: B does not contain $10.  Envelope C says: C has less money than B.  The message on exactly one of the envelopes is a lie.

Where is the $1,000?

The first new player to comment on the website with the correct answer wins a free drink at their next iQ Trivia show.

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2 comments on “Interesting Question of the Day – 28 January 2019
  1. Scott Manson says:

    It’s in B.

    If B is the lie then it has $10. But C has to have less than B – not possible if B has the lowest amount.

    If C is the lie then both A and C must contain more than B. But that’s only possible if B has $10.

    It’s possible for A to be false and everything to be consistent. Then A and C both have less than B, and B has the top prize.