Interesting Question of the Day – 28 September 2016

From a distance of 5m, are you more likely to survive a grenade explosion if both you and the grenade are on land or underwater?


We are assuming there is no cover available.

The first new player to comment on the website with the correct answer wins a free drink at their next iQ Trivia show.

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2 comments on “Interesting Question of the Day – 28 September 2016
  1. Drew says:

    Blast engineer signing in.
    You’re fucked either way but extra fucked in water.
    Water doesn’t like compressing and transfers energy really well.
    You would end up a mushy pulverised skinbag.
    In air you’d still likely have ruptured organs and a few holes. But less destroyed than if you were water man.

    • iqtrivia says:

      And the expert in blowing things up knows his explodey things.

      There is actually a reasonable chance of surviving shrapnel even from just 5m, though if you die it’s likely to be quick. Underwater, on the other hand, you will survive the shrapnel, but the blast will mess up your insides.