Meet Your Hosts – Samantha Lear

You will frequently hear Sam before you can see her.  With a booming personality to match her loud voice, she’s a tea lover, and an adventurous & bubbly mother who won’t shut up about Japan or how smart and adorable her son is.

Known & loved for her frequent mispronunciations of words and her laughable mistakes when hosting, Sam is an IT nerd who enjoys travel, culture, fitness, dance, Sailor Moon, and games.  Her spare time is spent with her son either out or about or relaxing inside with tea and scones. Her favourite board game is Ligretto, her star sign is Taurus (which makes sense now), and she loves to make friends even if it has to be by force! She’s a halfy, sharing blood with those from our English motherland, but is a true blue Aussie deep down and is always ready to insult you at any chance she gets.

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