Team Name Bonus Point – Week of 16 June 2019

Justin Bieber has been at it again, challenging people much older than him to a fight.

We’re sure he’s not alone in wanting to tangle with someone 31 years older than him, so for your team name this week, we want you to challenge a celebrity 31 years older than you to a fight.

Find someone born 31 years before you, challenge them to a fight, and you will get a bonus point.

Have an interesting week.

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3 comments on “Team Name Bonus Point – Week of 16 June 2019
  1. Jane Flitter says:

    Henry Kissinger I challenge you to a fight.
    Team name: Fighting Fit

    • iqtrivia says:

      Great. Make sure you use that team name at tonight’s show.

      Where are you attending?

  2. Jane Flitter says:

    I will fight Henry Kissinger
    Team name: Fighting fit
    Answer: Cardinal bir, on, yuz and bin. Ordinal birinci, onuncu, yuzuncu and bininci.
    Hell it’s sure hot in here.