Team Name Bonus Point – Week of 16 November 2014

You may have noticed in the news that Julien Blanc’s recent business trip to Australia didn’t quite go as planned, with legions of people protesting his rape seduction workshops and his visa being revoked.  Man, all this “feminism” and “treating women like human beings” can be a real drag.

Now it looks like other countries are jumping on the bandwagon.  Soon a guy won’t be able to make a living coaching shy and awkward men on how to commit assault talk to women.

iQ Trivia is always keen to help out people who have been maligned like this, so this week, we’re asking you to chime in with some career advice.

If your team name is your suggestion for Julien Blanc’s next job, you will get a bonus point.

He has a broad skill set in abuse, harassment, intimidation, racist stereotyping, and not so casual sexism, which can surely be employed in countless other roles after his career as a sex offender executive dating coach comes crashing down.


We’re just trying to help Julien.  We’re just trying to help.

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2 comments on “Team Name Bonus Point – Week of 16 November 2014
  1. Wayne says:

    Unfortunately I was crook last week but I would’ve suggested Julian put in an EOI to be Chief Political Adviser to the Federal Minister for Women.