Team Name Bonus Point – Week of 20 October 2019

Ok, it’s confession time.

For your team name this week, we want you to confess something.

But not something evil, we want you to confess to something weird.

I have to put the volume level on the radio or TV on a square number.

Every time I get in the car I check to see that nobody is waiting in the back seat to murder me.

When it rains I make sure to set my windshield wipers at the same rate as everyone else so it doesn’t look like I’m panicking.

If I’m walking on a checkered floor, I have to move two spots up & one across, just like a knight on a chess board.

Come on, we know there’s something stupid you want to get off your chest. Now you can get a bonus point at trivia for it.

Have an interesting week.

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