Team Name Bonus Point – Week of 20 September 2020

We got a complaint at one of our live shows a couple of weeks ago that it wasn’t fair that we played a song from the 70s, because “I wasn’t even born then.”

So that got us thinking. What else isn’t fair?

If your team name is a complaint about how our trivia isn’t fair to you, you will get a bonus point.

You never ask about sport! Also, baseball isn’t a sport… and soccer isn’t a sport… and that kind of rugby is the wrong kind of rugby.

It’s not fair to ask all these American questions… like that one about The Simpsons.

Why don’t you ask about my 2004 Holden Commodore? That’s something I know about.

By the way, we didn’t make up any of the above examples. These are all complaints we’ve actually received.

The sillier the better.

Have an interesting week.

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