Team Name Bonus Point – Week of 26 July 2015

Later on today, iQ Trivia will be attending a Christmas in July celebration.

This reminded us that there hasn’t been a holiday for a couple of months, and there are no holidays in the immediate future.

I’m sure you will agree that this won’t do.

So this week we are asking you to help by making your team name a new holiday that we need.

Holiday from your Holiday Day.  (To be tacked on to existing holidays.)

Festivus.  (Come on, you know what this is from.)

It’s Way Too Nice Outside To Be At Your Desk Today Day. (A movable holiday.)

Regiftmas.  (Two weeks after Christmas when you pass on all your unwanted Christmas gifts.)

Peter Pannukah (A day to act like a child.)

Anything that could be a new holiday will get you a point.

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