Team Name Bonus Point – Week of 8 January 2017

This week we are having fun with movie titles for your team names.

Specifically, we want you to add the letters “ing” to the title of an existing film to make a new film, and tell us what it’s about now.

Kindergarten Coping – It WAS a tumour

Das Booting – A German man starts up his computer

Dude, Where’s my Caring – A stoned man wakes up to find he REALLY doesn’t care about anything anymore

Schindler’s Listing – In war torn Europe, Oskar chooses to rent out his spare room on Airbnb

Full Metal Jacketing – Two Marines go clothes shopping

Speeding – Keanu drives too fast and his license is suspended

The Fellowship of the Ringing – A support group for sufferers of tinnitus

The Fasting and the Furious – This time Gandhi is SERIOUSLY pissed off

The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttoning – Two hours of an old man trying to get his shirt on

Ironing Man – Tony Stark gives up the life of a wealthy superhero to becomes a house husband

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stoning – Harry goes back in time and is killed for being a wizard

Chitty Chitty Bang Banging – The same film, but now it’s porn

Anything like the above will get you a bonus point.

Have an interesting week

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