This Week in iQ Trivia – 1 February 2020

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


Knowing about minor characters from The Wind In The Willows doesn’t pay very often… except when it does.

Knowing about Fireman Sam doesn’t pay very often… except when it does.


You came up with a lot of new projects for the federal government to fund.

The Kobe Bryant Memorial Flight School

A new helicopter for my basketball team

Funding for a Hawaiian holiday so I can avoid doing my job

Funding for my early retirement

Funding for a 2 day work week

$40,000 for fortnightly wine tasting in the Hunter

Epstein investigation fund

More funding for trivia education

Fountain pens for our trivia team

More Chanel handbags for people named Laura

Fighting depression through mass kitten sales

Dog patting stress sessions

Subsidised airfares for Canadians visiting Australia

Andrew Bolt “let’s burn all the coal because warming is good for us” fund

Carbon emission offsets for every fart

Government funded overthrowing of the government

Research into the danger of dihydrogen monoxide

Royal Commission into the downsizing of happy hour drinks

Hawaiian bushfire resort fund

A fundraiser to send Scott Morrison to Hawaii forever

A personal space rocket to the sun for Scott Morrison

Please fund me so I can selfishly travel abroad to “delight” poor communities with my presence


Psychedelic Houses

Maximum Panzer

Beautiful Onion Ogre

Volcanic Lyre

Moist Toes

Perplexed Beer


On a question on 8 letter rugby teams, one team contemplated going with Eeeeeels.

We had to remind one team that saying something mixed in with a dozen other answers doesn’t get points. You’ve got to write it down.

The process by which someone becomes a saint is not crucifixion. (At least not necessarily.)

And we had a new record high score… of 92… sort of.

Their actual score was 80, but they benefited from a 12 point bonus from a previous week on account of a 12 point miscalculation. Don’t worry, their 80 would have won anyway.

See you next week.

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