This Week in iQ Trivia – 10 December 2016

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won this week, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.

Fidel Gastro

Adolf Hitler. Dog lover, painter, and advocate for healthy lifestyles.

Today we honour Emperor Palpatine. Visionary, uniter of worlds, champion of the common man against the corrupt Jedi Order. Lost too soon, an innocent victim of a family dispute.


No winners this week, but one team who had declined to play asked if they could pay up and enter after hearing the question. Answer: No you bloody can’t!

And this team came AGONISINGLY close to winning over $300, but the 1924 novel was “A Passage to India” not “Passage to India.”

Yes, on the jackpot round we really are that strict.


On the theme of Trudeau Eulogies you came up with some pretty clever ones.

Hitler: The original fundraiser for Movember.

Hitler: One man’s vision to unite the globe.

Hitler: He did so much to advance science without harming a single animal.

Stalin thought the gulags were holiday camps.

Castro: He made one hell of a daiquiri.

Osama bin Laden: Loving brother & son, and hide & seek champion.

Mugabe’s Trillionaires

Ronald Reagan: The greatest actor who never won an Oscar.

Hannibal Lecter. Say what you will, but he had great taste in people.

RIP Jack Torrance: A loving family man, hard worker, and aspiring lumberjack.

Today we remember the witch in the gingerbread house, who always had a certain way with children.

Bill Cosby was a great man. He touched us all.


Christmassy Trivia Host

Fidel Castro Madrid

Ginormous Elephant

Dirty Umbrella (by the way, someone NEEDS to make this movie!)


The team that wrote several lines with accompanying drawings to explain why sound doesn’t travel in space rather than just saying “there’s no air.”

The team who lost five on the gambler’s question which dropped their score just far enough to put them in second last, and claimed that was their plan all the time.


The guy who will be bragging for weeks about being the only one in the room to guess Birmingham as a city that has won a lot of English Football Titles.


The guy who got a bonus point for knowing more about Bridget Jones’ characters, and immediately felt bad for outing himself as a Bridget Jones fan.

The guy who panicked and said that Dymocks and Angus & Robertson sell beef.

The fact that we asked a question about when one of our venue’s started operating without realising it was written on all the menus.

One of our hosts saying “You know what, I’ll give you AIDS.”


Have an interesting week.

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