This Week in iQ Trivia – 12 November 2016

It’s been a cracker of a week at iQ Trivia.

Team Names

On the theme of new slogans for the Melbourne Cup, we had plenty of promising candidates.

The race that keeps the nation in glue.

Gamble on tomorrow’s dog food.

The race that stops trivia.

The race to intoxication.

The best race you won’t remember.

First passed the pissed.

Two Jockeys, One Cup.

The Race that’s Better than the Race to the White House.


Accomplishment of the Week


This team went from coming in dead last to coming in a close second in a little over a month. It goes to show that the more you do iQ Trivia, the better you get at it (and the more you start to think like us.)  Also, checking out the study hints and doing the homework question helps.


Hall of Shame

Asking for spelling and openly typing it into Google as we’re right there.  (If you’re going to cheat, try to be a little bit subtle.)

Two separate people saying 173 divided by 173 equals zero.

The D in DIY stands for Driving.



Delightful Trivia Host

Nowhere does it say you have to do a drawing.  It’s the most interesting artistic rendation of the theme, and this certainly qualifies as interesting and artistic.


Salty Crane

Clinton and Trump seen here in bird form.


Pink Door


Next week we will have a whole new slate of interesting trivia to keep your mind occupied, and a brand new venue at Walt & Burley on Canberra’s Kingston Foreshore.

Have an interesting weekend.

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