This Week in iQ Trivia – 12 October 2019

If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


This guy won a jackpot all on his own.

They knew enough about the Velveteen Rabbit to win cash.

These two won a jackpot, but only because another team got the answer right before crossing it out and spelling it wrong.


We suggest you don’t try to develop these products, because nobody would buy them.

British currency

Coriander cordial

Water soluble condoms

Chili flavoured hemorrhoid cream

Nose hair growth tablets

Jalapeno tampons

All natural sandpaper sex toys

Non-alcoholic tequila

Balsa wood cricket bats

Have You Bought a Freezer but Have No Way of Melting All that ICE? We have the product for You! Introducing THE PATENTED ICE-MELTER!

Magic Johnson’s sperm

George Pell’s innocence

Clive Palmer weight loss pills

Clive Palmer, gigolo

Clive Palmer blow up dolls

Rolf Harris tribute band tickets

A book of wise words from Donald Trump

Trump self tanning system

A night with Kyle Sandilands

Halal pork

Air-conditioning for a motorbike

Preowned parachute, never opened

Second hand syringes

Eau de bin chicken

Warm beer

Stubby warmers

A pint of Foster’s


Smelly Cat

Pulsating Bat

Drunk Drunkard

Sweaty Weet-Bix

Fruity Big Ben

Dumb Tree

Slimy Spoon

Spicy Scotland

Terrifying Phone


One of our teams who wasn’t able to come back to use their winnings made a point of spreading it around to the other teams.

The band Train was described as “that band with Liv Tyler’s dad”, and “Oasis”.

One team got the titled of the 90s hit “Interstate Love Song” but couldn’t remember the name of the band. They wound up going with “F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! I know this band! Scott Weiland was the lead singer and they had hits with Plush and Vaseline!”

See you next week.

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