This Week in iQ Trivia – 13 October 2018

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


We had plenty of inappropriate suggestions about what could be projected on the Opera House.

Visit Melbourne

Tourism NZ

Nauru Pleasure Cruises: No one turned back

Manus Island

Now Hiring: Prime Minister of Australia (Contract Role)

Sexy Sails Stripjoint

Horny Mum’s within a 5km radius

The White Australia Policy

Rolf Harris’ Greatest Hits

John Farnham’s Comeback Tour Dates at RSLs around Western Sydney

Degenerate 12 Leg Multis

Alan Jones & the 2GB Breakfast Show

Sebastian Joyce’s 1st Birthday Party at Hooters

For a good time call Joe on 04xx xxx xxx

Advertise Here: Call Bill at iQ Trivia 04xx xxx xxx (yes, we were mildly cyberstalked, and no, we’re not giving out our host’s contact details)


Leafy Skipper

Blurry Michelangelo

Spiky Molten Jacket

Fast Ship

Pink Daddy

Sticky Opera House

Pink Motorcycle

Angry Tissue Box

Lively Beer


In a lightning round on the letter M, someone said that Detroit was the largest city in Connecticut, and after being eliminated changed their answer to Kentucky, then changed their answer again to Massachusetts, none of which were correct.

And another player prompted us to make a lightning round question more specific when she said that having 12 shots of vodka would make her feel “relaxed” instead of “intoxicated”.

We asked about the character who say the most words in Forrest Gump, and one team forgot to say Forrest Gump.

A player from Birmingham in England managed to misspell Birmingham, thus contributing to certain stereotypes about people from Birmingham.

See you next week.

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