This Week in iQ Trivia – 14 March 2020

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


Who knows what the flag of Malawi looks like? These two teams knew.

And he knew about the CSIRO.

And for all of you teams who pose with your jackpot winnings with thumbs up and the like… the bar has been raised… by Hali here.


What’s a dumber thing to panic about that toilet paper?

Y3K. It’s not to early to start panicking

Buying a flock of pigeons for Y2K

4G went down so we went and bought all the Ethernet cables

Netflix is raising their prices, so we need DVDs stat

We bought up Blockbusters VHS tapes in case our NBN drops out for a minute

Duck and cover for the nukes

Hoarding straws

Save toilet paper by using both sides

Queen’s portraits cause republic

The took our jobs so we voted for ScoMo

Voting to keep franking credits

Umbrellas for climate change

Global warming is becoming so bad that I’m moving to a pineapple under the sea

Stocking up on dog treats when it’s raining cats and dogs

Where can I get a bidet

Panic installing a bidet

Buying a year’s supply of Chinese food before all the Chinese restaurants go out of business

Reduced to Clear Milk

RBA cut rates, put everything into Beanie Babies

Bees dying off? Hoard wasps

Procreating rapidly to combat the zombie apocalypse

The Vegemite shortage of 2020

I’ll survive this water shortage by drinking my own piss

Daylight savings is coming, better stock up on curtains

And… Team Bagpuss are so scared of missing trivia that we’re going to kidnap Bill. Shhhhhh, don’t tell him


Glistening China

Spontaneous Corona

Spicy Trees

Regrettable Dildo

Bollocksed Heart

Transcendental Hair

Peculiar Cheese

Holy Eye


The iconic scene in Die Hard of Hans Gruber falling do his death was given as Love Actually. Well, both include Alan Rickman, but that would have been a VERY different romantic comedy.

Countries containing the letters OR? Well there’s Mordor. Does that count?

One of our hosts had to break a tie about whether they’d rather sing all their words or dance all their movements, so they tried out both for a question. The verdict, dancing during a question is easier to maintain than singing a question.

See you next week.

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