This Week in iQ Trivia – 15 February 2020

If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


They knew a lot about film to win a jackpot on their first try.

Two teams got the first question at one venue, before one guessed a country as Thai & the other guessed Thailand on the second. We told them Thai is not a country, but that the answer was an Asian country beginning with TH… and it was… The Philippines. So… yeah, no jackpots this week. Also, we are terrible people.


We sincerely hope nobody ever decides to make products based on your team names.

Harry & Megan

Durian & anything

Cocaine & lunch with mum

Puppies & cocaine

Sandpaper tissues

Sandpaper toilet roll

Chilli undies

Red hot chilli condoms

Tabasco condoms

Chilli wank

Szechuan cockrings

Hot sauce bidet: Together at last

Avocado on toast

Salt & caramel

Meat pie ice cream

Meat shampoo

Add lyme disease to your Coronavirus

The AFL women’s competition


Alarm clock silencers

Ilya & trivia hosting

Ilya & his mum

Team Bagpuss goes with everything… except sobriety

Squidward & the will to live

Milk & orange toothpaste

Croc condoms

Windex nasal spray

Windex ketchup

Tomato sauce ice cream

Fish & gummy bear wrap

Mango mi-goreng

Tuna chocolate

Vegemite Tim Tams

Microbead lubricant

Mum & dad

Prawn cider

Baby roller derby

Indian food & anal sex


Boring Knife

Pretty Gland

Wooly Plant

Spicy Lobster

Fluffy Fireman

Cheesy Sydney

Spiky Koala

Saucy Porcupine

Juicy Sweden

Scary Dildo


A question on cricket dismissals is going to be tough on German & American tourists who have never seen cricket, but they did come up with methods of dismissal including strike out (close enough to bowled), hit by the ball (close enough to LBW), pooped on the field, dancing naked, and insulting the referee (which isn’t really close to any actual method of dismissal in cricket, but is certainly ill advised.)

New Jersey was described as “that state where all the horrible people live.”

We had to explain to someone that Canberra was NOT the capital of South Australia, and they still gave Canberra as an answer. We also had to convince them that Germany was a country.

Name a large German car manufacturer? How about Aldi? Well, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them selling cars in that wonderful centre aisle.

See you next week.

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