This Week in iQ Trivia – 17 March 2018

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won this week, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


These four finally won $130 that had been building up for a while.

These four cashed in when one of them read an article by a Swedish medical schools the same day we asked a question on that same Swedish medical school.

This lot continued the week of winning jackpots.

We weren’t able to build up the jackpot at The Crown, because one of our teams won it at our first show there.


Here are the myriad of ridiculous marketing claims you made.

Kosher Bacon

Chakra Cleansing Cocaine

Cruelty Free Crops

Scrotum free cereal

Honest Politicians

Gluten free Blockchain

Clean coal

Meat free tofu

Oxygen – 100% fat free, gluten free, cruelty free

Paleo Bread

Edible Tide Pods

Nutella: Less sugar than pure sugar


Spicy Beer

Hairy Glacier

Excruciating Grass

Rectal Memes

Breathtaking Ship

Dreamy Umbrella


Teams suggested a group of ponies should be called a “prance” or a “sparkle” of ponies.

A number of players who worked with mortgages for a living came nowhere near correctly answering a bonus question on the chance of mortgage defaults.

One team misheard our instruction to list the oldest and the newest out of a set of bridges, but more than redeemed themselves by naming all of the bridges in order of age.

A man visiting from India confirmed the meaning of the Indian expression “prepone” when nobody believed our host.

We turned around a row of crisp packets so people couldn’t cheat on the colours of crisp packets.

We asked a question on someone searching for lookalikes of Barnaby Joyce & Vikki Campion to make porn, and someone guessed that the lookalikes were of Donald Trump & Stephen Hawking. This is the most appalling thing to happen at iQ Trivia in quite a while.

One of our teams did an extensive proof, far beyond what was required by a simple math question.

A number of teams guessed that the element named for Marie Curie’s homeland was Plutonium. For the record, she was from Poland, not Pluto.

One team complained that we never asked questions on opera. We then asked a question on opera, which they got wrong.

One player demonstrated her devotion to the trivial arts by turning up despite a broken foot.

See you next week.

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