This Week in iQ Trivia – 18 July 2020

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


Canberra – I’ve got a Black Mountain tattoo on my arse

Canberra – I’m really good at driving through roundabouts

Canberra – We’re sick of you using the name of our city to refer to Federal Parliament

I live in Can-bra, not Can-berra

It’s pronounced Calgree

It’s Mel-bun nor Mel-born

Melbourne – Hook turns are easy

New Zealand – COVID free and smug

Wisconsin – I can name 60 different kinds of cheese

Belgium – I can’t go one trivia session without Bill mentioning where I’m from

Toowoomba – We got flooded again

Cronulla – Race riots

Tasmania – My parents are only second cousins

USA – World COVID Champs 2020

I don’t sleep with quarantine security guards

Sydney – We wore boaters at school

Sydney – I’ll be paying someone else’s mortgage 10 years after I die

Sydney – I’ve been strip searched three times this week

I can walk faster than the light rail

Sydney – I think it’s the height of politeness to introduce myself before I tell you how much my house value has gone up


Militaristic Scroll

Fast Eggplant

Disastrous Ovens

Sweet Punch

Clotted Devon

Suspicious Queen

Festive Bisexual

Whimsical Pub


We asked a question about suburbs containing the letter Z, and someone who lives in Rozelle didn’t answer “Rozelle”. Instead, they went with “Brighton Le Zandz”.

There was a lot of mirth over us using the acronym CBF is a way that was in no way dirty.

And when we announce your team name as Race Riots, even though it fits our weekly theme, you might want to avoid cheering too much.

See you next week.

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