This Week in iQ Trivia – 2 February 2019

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


These three answered not one, but TWO questions to take home a jackpot last Tuesday.


If you had your way Australia would have a lot of new big things.

Big Bin Chicken

Big Melanoma

Big Thong

Big Halal Snack Pack

Big Kerry Anne

Big Boner

Big Prime Ministerial Swap

Big Berejiklian Budget Blowout

Big Chungus

Big Squidward

Big Fondue Fountains

Big Fan (a wind farm)

Big W

Big Place for Unsafe Pills

Big Mosquito

Big Avo Toast

Big Slippery OHS Hazard Bunnings Snag


Classy Meatpie

Broken Microphone

Absorbent Squid Hell

Tipsy Frog Teeth

Silky Eiffel Tower


Two teams tied for first place, and chose to split the prizes.

When faced with a bonus question and the hint that the person we were looking for was black, one team answered Martin Freeman.


Because apparently this guy is black.

One of our dilemma questions asked if people would rather lose a had or half of their teeth. We didn’t notice until after we had asked the question that one of our players only had one arm.

Instead of just answering a question on the Battle of Culloden, one team gave us a short essay on the details of the battle. They had really brushed up on the last place subject and wanted to show off their knowledge

When we asked about common words beginning with BRO, an unusually large number of teams went with “brothel”. A rather telling answer perhaps.

We asked a question about Detroit when a player from Detroit was attending just her second show. It seems her whole life had been leading to that moment, and she will be coasting on that answer for a long time.

And when one of our hosts found his microphone wouldn’t work, he managed the entire show on just his unamplified voice.

See you next week.

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