This Week in iQ Trivia – 2 June 2018

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won this week, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


These two took out both first prize and the jackpot.


You had plenty of scaled down film titles.

Difference of Opinion at the OK Corral

Ubering Miss Daisy

Permanent Resident Kane

The Man with the Golden Water Pistol



Star Wars: The Force Hits Snooze

The Second Last Jedi

12 Moderately Annoyed Men

Love Maybe

Debbie Does Dubbo

Little Trouble in Big China

Ocean’s 6

Soreback Mountain

Planet of the Chihuahuas

Average Fellas

Call Me by your Nickname

Lord of the Rings: The One Tower

Harry Potter & the Quarter Blood Prince

The Devil Wears H&M

49 Shades of Grey

None Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest



Steamy Dog

Echidna House

Slimy Kill

Seductive Potato

Sparkly Australia

Greedy Nipple

Voluptuous Balloon


We found out that one team comes prepared with a pencil case specifically labelled for trivia.

What a bunch of nerds!

Some teams answer true/false questions about lightning with one word. Some teams do that AND draw detailed diagrams explaining how lightning works. They also gave us an extensive personal history of Private John Simpson & his donkey.

When being asked for a biblical name beginning with the letter I, one player guessed Ian. (Perhaps because of all those Scotsmen in the Bible.)

One team, when asked what object is named after a Greek word meaning “unbreakable” answered Nokia.

We asked about the unusually tall character played by Robbie Coltrane in the Harry Potter films & one player responded with Harry.

See you next week.

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