This Week in iQ Trivia – 20 January 2018

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.

We had what we hope will be an annual tradition of Champions League Trivia, pitting the strongest teams from all the iQ Trivia shows across Sydney against each other.

And it was Team Bagpuss (who somehow manage to awkwardly shoehorn the name “Bagpuss” into their team name every week regardless of the theme) who came out ahead, which means they get a year’s worth of bragging rights. (And you just know they’re going to take advantage of that!)

They also built themselves a trophy, the Bagpuss Finger.


If you won this week, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


These three came is second last, but knew enough about Latin languages to be the only one to get the jackpot question.

These folks had a great night, winning first place in the quiz, and taking home the jackpot for knowing a lot about Vice Presidents.


Here were the many ways in which you were technically correct… the BEST kind of correct.

Everyone who plays trivia will die

It’s possible to live the rest of your life without eating or drinking

Tonight’s winner will be the fourth worst team

There is only one white guy on our trivia team

Jesus is on our side (because one of our teammates is LITERALLY named Jesus)

If you don’t count athletes, I’m the strongest man alive

E mc3

Technically, the three of us have won as many world wars as Germany

Team Bagpuss are the F*cking Best

Many Electrician’s Hands Make Light Work

A Tomato is a Fruit

Instan Coffee is not Instant. You still need to wait for the kettle to boil.

There are at least two people in Canada

Bill is a top bloke

Technically, Bill is Judging us All

Every Book is a Children’s Book if the Kid can Read

Most People Voted for Hillary

Peter Dutton IS a Human Being

This is a team name

Technically we’re all dying

Most humans have seen the inside of their mum’s vagina

Anything is a Dildo (if you’re brave enough)

Everything in the universe is either a potato or not a potato


Engorged Rabbit

Voluptuous William

Promiscuous Watch

Moist Fish

Fierce Frog

Unscrupulous France

Loose Piano


When they couldn’t think of the title of the film Role Models, one team gave us a surprisingly detailed description of the plot.

Two Jewish players were filled with self-loathing when they couldn’t remember kvetch as a Yiddish word for habitual complaining.

One of our players proudly proclaimed “finally being from Adelaide is paying off!”

And our favourite wrong answers of the week was one of our players being asked in a lightning round what MSG stood for, and took a chance with Mono Saturated Goodness.

See you next week.

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