This Week in iQ Trivia – 21 March 2020

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


We had a lot of team happy to have won toilet paper.


Some of these new names for the Coronavirus got a bit… dark.

Boomer Remover


Why you shouldn’t eat bats virus.

The Worst Thing to Happen to Team Bagpuss Since Bill Virus

No Wuhandshake

Wuhand Sanitiser

Tsingtao Virus (aka TS-VID19)

Peter Dutton Christmas Island Virus

The Gladys Virus (because it shuts things down)


Elephant Cartwheel

Sultry Flamingo

Diseased Basketball

Virulent Nun

Ugly Scroll


Puff the Magic Dragon lived in a land called Gallilee. (Perhaps he was friends with Jesus.)

One team mistook Mel Brooks for Mel Gibson. One of the more galling comparisons you could make.

And at one of our shows, the last place subject was “West Ham United (Things Team Bagpuss Won’t Know)”. So, to be sure, for one of our questions we individually asked every other team the question, and explicitly didn’t allow Team Bagpuss to hear the question. They could guess, but to be sure they were at a disadvantage, we didn’t let them know what the question actually was… and they still got it right, assuming that we would likely ask a question about Bobby Moore.

See you next week.

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