This Week in iQ Trivia – 22 June 2019

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


A lot of teams really seemed to know a lot about ancient Greece and square numbers.


Here’s some older celebrities that you want to fight.

Get out of my room dad!

NASA, for the round earth conspiracy.

I will fight you George Pell.

I’ll kick your arse, Sir Paul McCartney!

I want to fight Sean Bean and I hope the screenwriters kill him off.

George Clooney – The Fight for Amal

We’ll knock Bryan Cranston out twice.

Fight me, Jon Bon Jovi!

Fight me, Ellen Degeneres!

Simon & Garfunkel tag team.

Come at me, Nic Cage!

Luke, I am your daughter (Mark Hamill).

Spar with Roseanne Barr.

Angela Merkel’s Purple Nurple.

I’d like to punch Kevin Spacey.

Team Bagpuss (Born 2005) wold like to fight ACTUAL Bagpuss (born 1974).

People who don’t appreciate Spongebob.

Putin you in your place.

Mad Max ain’t shit, bring on Mel Gibson.

Jeff Bezos deserves a good slapping.

Betty White’s going down.

Bruce Willis will die hard with my foot in his ass.

Hey Marvin Gaye, Let’s get it on!



French Sausage

Ugly Lemur

Janky Ferret

Conspicuous Wine Bottle

Pulsating Spain

Matthew Hunter


A team including a math teacher got a jackpot question on square numbers wrong.

A team with a real life Italian failed to remember that Rome is a national capital beginning with R.

We asked a question on the NRL logo, and 30 seconds later the logo was on the screen of one of the TVs. Some people still got it wrong.

After remarking that our questions are tough to cheat on even if you wanted to, we gave one team a dispensation to ask “Hey Siri, what was the heaviest team in the 2015 Rugby World Cup?” Yeah, Siri didn’t know that one.

One team guessed that Uber was planning to trial not aerial taxis, but “ethical business practices”. Come on! Try to be realistic!

And the best wrong answer of the week was from a team who knew nothing about cricket, and guessed that the most common bowler/wicker keeper pairing in Australian cricket history was “c Dundee b Irwin”.

See you next week.

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