This Week in iQ Trivia – 23 May 2020

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


The inanimate objects in your life are having some interesting thoughts.

Modem: I’ve never worked so much overtime.

Wifi: You think I’m slow? You try streaming all day long!

Hand sanitizer: I’m only for your hands!

Opal card: It’s so dark in here. When will I see daylight again?

Underwear: You know you have more than one of me, right?

My jeans are wondering when I haven’t gone out in ages.

Yoga pants: Stop stretching me out

Laptop: Get your hands off me!

Computer: Can’t you go read a book?

TV remote: You’re really pushin my buttons.

Mobile: Please, not incognito again

Mobile: Can you stop these work calls so my 5G can give you Coronavirus?

Car: Have you forgotten about me?

Couch: Get off me you slob

Son: Will I ever get out of bed and do something with my life? (Apparently your son qualifies as as inanimate object.)

Bed: Wow. You’re really not getting out?

Bed: I think we should spend less time together.

Oven: If I see one more loaf of sourdough, I’ll burn the motherf**ker.

Oven: Stop baking things!

Oven: Piss off with your banana bread, you suck at this.


Mirror: Not you again!

Mirror: I’ve never seen you look so fat.

Shoes: I think my human is dead.

Pyjamas: I don’t know what sleep is anymore.

Liquor cabinet: I don’t think this is healthy.

Wine bottle: Why all this daytime attention?

Dog: Three walks a day? F*ck off human.


Burkinabe Japan (Burkinabe is an adjective relating to things from Burkina Faso).

Fermented Dog

Galloping Eyelash

Fluttering Spaghetti

Revolting Octopus


We had a lot of corporate shows this week, and found out that people in some offices get REALLY competitive with trash talk.

We found out why someone did well with geography questions.

Someone mistook a quote from Anne Frank as being a quote from Eva Braun. You know, Mrs Hitler? That’s about as wrong as it’s possible to get.

Someone suggested that Queen Victoria introduced herself by saying “it’s Vicky bitch!” We’re pretty sure she would have hired someone to do that.

And a team made largely of people from Sweden failed to identify the most common surname in Sweden.

See you next week.

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