This Week in iQ Trivia – 23 November 2019

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


They turned up with 20 minutes left in the quiz, but still wanted to play the jackpot… and won.

And they knew just enough about the cast of Big to take home cash. (We managed to get a photo of them after they left the bar.)


You had an interesting (and very manly) International Men’s Day.

Taking trivia too seriously

Check for testicular cancer

Welding the toilet seat up



Not going to the doctor


Drink beer and ignore the kids

Drinking lager & playing trivia while my wife gives birth… next week

Wearing Old Spice

Listening to Cold Chisel while rooting a bush pig

Wrestling nude with my bros

Blaming the dog for farting

Admiring my Colourbond fence

Scratching my balls while drinking beer and watching soccer/football/WWE/rugby/porn/my neighbour’s wife

Condescendingly respecting women

Casual sexism

Saying #NotAllMen

Get offended by feminists

Expecting a gold star for doing the bare minimum

Getting paid more whilst doing the same job half as well

Losing custody of the kids

Having sex with a man on the Isle of Man


Delicious Credit Card

Quick Moaning Cucumber

Rambunctious Sock

Speedy Sausage

Semi-Erect Hitler

Hasty Carrot

Crisp Shark

Superfluous Eyeball


One team wrote their answers on three separate sheets of paper, none of which were the actual answer sheet. Because apparently putting the answers in the allocated spaces is too complicated.

The Rock’s occupation was described as “wrestler, the fake ass kind.”

Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump was described as “that wheelchair guy who was also in CSI: NY.”

One team opted against a question on castanets despite having three Spanish speakers on their team, and then got a question on French cities wrong despite having a French citizen on the team.

The word “pisspot” was given as one of the most common words ending in POT.

And after getting the gambler’s questions wrong, one team tried to convince us that one of their number had gambled 5 points by mistake, and could we just deduct one point instead. Yeah… nah.

See you next week.

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