This Week in iQ Trivia – 24 April 2021

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


Whether it’s through knowledge or luck, winning a jackpot means cash.


This week it was celebrities and food.

Celine Dijon

Katy Peri Peri

Demi Gelato

Bread Pitt

Brad Pitta

Egg Sheeran

Leonardo Di Calippo

Cardamom B

Keith Bourbon

George Bernard Shawarma

Ludwig van Beefhoven

Kurt Cokebain

Bill Rye the Bread Guy

Mark Wahlburger

John Baloney

Pineapple Cruz

Rice With a Spoon

Chris Pringle

Wayne Roofie (we find it distressing that you consider roofies to be either food or drink)

Gwyneth Pavlova

Cybill Shepherd’s Pie

Haggiston Ford

Kevin Bacon & Eggs

Robert DeBeero

Tom Yum Cruise

Andy Hamberg

Israel Falafel

Andrew Lamington

Peter Dutton

Margartia Thatcher

Benedict Cucumberbatch

Smoked Salmon Rushdie

Danny Dorito

Kimchi Kardashian


Hairy Skeleton

Girthy Tree Frog

Flashing Astrolabe

Swollen Mirror

Danny Dorito

Drunk Train

Screaming Chair

Gloomy Grey’s Anatomy

Occult Taco


Someone asked us how much a 1kg lump of coal weighs.

We asked a question about French names and their equivalents in English… and when asked for hints, gave very obvious hints in French, and more cryptic hints in English. It pays to know another language people!

And two regular teams who were both shorthanded joined together. Alone, neither of them would have won. But together they filled in the gaps in each other’s knowledge and took out first place.

See you next week.

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