This Week in iQ Trivia – 25 April 2020

If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


The Coronavirus isn’t all bad. You managed to find quite a few positives to it.

Hourly naptimes

I get to work in my underwear

PJs as work attire

No one can tell if you’re still in pyjamas

It’s ok to drink alone

No bra all day

Now there’s no weird guy falling asleep on me on the train

Morning margaritas

I get to stay home and catch up on my Netflix

All the time I need to perfect my new Animal Crossing New Horizons Island

Never having to decide on a hug, handshake, or wave

I can drink naked

Day drinking

Drinking more high end bleach

I’m living an introvert’s dream

Not having to make nebulous small talk with co-workers

No pants trivia

I can dress up like a shark with no consequences

Bat soup prices have never been lower

It’s better than Ebola


Brutalist Flerken

Guilty Armageddon

Waxy Cruiseliner

Floppy President

Unstable Muppet


The Korean phrase “kamsa hamnida” doesn’t mean “thank you”. No. It means “come and have some ham.”

Shakespeare’s Trolius and Cressida was retitled as Time and Corona. And if Shakespeare was writing now, he would most likely write about the Coronavirus.

And one of our hosts was asked if they were single… in the middle of a show… because apparently “trivia host” is one of the sexier occupations.

See you next week.

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