This Week in iQ Trivia – 25 January 2020

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


How would Donald Trump insult himself? Here’s how.

We need a leader who isn’t a laughing stock. – @RealDonaldTrump 9 August 2014”

That millionaire’s hands are so small he can’t satisfy his daughter.

Dumb Donnie lost a billion dollars in the 80s. That’s a lot of money to slip through those tiny fingers.

Crooked comb-over. Sad.

Yuuuuuge disappointment!

He didn’t bomb Iran fast enough.

Morons! They don’t have trees in space!

Tiny hands Trump

Are you allowed to impeach a President for incompetence?

Unstable dunce.

My penis is so small. Much smaller than yours It’s the smallest in history.

Get off Twitter you moron!

You know what they say about small hands. Sad.

Barely a billionaire.

Fat, ugly, and a sugar daddy.

Fake tan.

Agent Orange with teeny tiny hands was filmed being pissed on by Russian prostitutes. Sad.

Looks like ol’ Dumb Donald got CAUGHT! Who knew such small hands could be so red?

Dangerous Donny founded ISIS.

I like Presidents who DON’T get impeached.

Little Donny’s wall is smaller than his hands.


Criminal Rain

Fluffy Car

Flatulent Poo

Sadistic Comma

Sober Australia

Goofy Trees

Obsessive Compulsive Nugget


According to one team, it wasn’t Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, but Shrek: Prince of Thieves. (Actually that would have made for a much better film.)

Personal Jesus wasn’t performed by Depeche Mode, but by Pope John Paul II.

Someone tried to use their personal experience with tetanus to argue that it’s caused by rust. It isn’t.

We had someone guess that The Will to Power was written by motivational author Tony Robbins, rather than Nietzsche.

A question on aircraft carriers sunk at Pearl Harbour led one team to conclude that 101 American aircraft carriers were sunk on 7 December 1941, which is several multiples more than the number of all aircraft carriers from all countries that existed at the time.

And Bill Belichick was compared to Emperor Palpatine.

See you next week.

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