This Week in iQ Trivia – 26 September 2020

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


We’ve brought back the jackpot, and two teams wasted no time in winning.


You had plenty of complaints about how iQ Trivia wasn’t fair.

The host’s butt is too nice

Third place doesn’t get a prize but seventh does

The NBN is so slow, it’s hard to cheat

You asked a question on a subject that we chose that we didn’t know

It’s not fair we have to come up with a team name every week

Where are all the cat questions?

It’s not fair that I did the homework question wrong.

It’s not fair that 1. Bill won’t give me two bonus points for making two complaints and that 2. As a result of me making two complaints Bill probably won’t even give me one bonus point


More WAP (Cardi B) content next time

“It’s unfair that no matter how many beers you win at trivia, someone in your team always seems to knock them over”

I don’t care for pop culture

There are no questions on Charnwood.

Our host is an immigrant who is stealing our jobs.

Why do you never use Bill Cosby in audio questions?

The one time we get to pick the special subject, a global pandemic hits

The other teams have more players than me

It’s not fair others are smarter than us

Too many stupid music questions, not enough questions on Bagpuss

Not enough questions on Canada or The Simpsons

Why isn’t there more lesbian content?

It’s not fair you asked a question the other teams knew

You didn’t translate the entire quiz into French

Rugby Is For Hot Idiots (Stop Asking Questions about It!!)

You always ask questions about cricket… no one likes or watches cricket

We are millennials and therefore offended by everything.

Who is Harry Potter?


Belligerent Sheep

Shiny Genius

Tepid Pop Star

Secret Squirrel

Rusty Tiger Boycott

Pompous Teacher

Pretentious Drop Bear

Circular Lamington


When the Gaelic language was mentioned, we overheard one player ask “where is Gayland?”

We asked about the densest objects in the solar system, naturally someone had to chime in with “my boner”, only to be told that we were only looking for large objects.

We had complaints that we asked too many cricket questions, and then LITERALLY every team got a cricket question right.

And a question on lamingtons asked to an international audience inspired a player in Canada to attempt to make lamingtons between questions.

See you next week.

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