This Week in iQ Trivia – 28 November 2020

If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


These guys won their second jackpot in as many weeks by knowing about G.K. Chesterton novels.

They also finished in first place in the quiz.

Yes, you are allowed to hate on them a little bit.


There were a lot of comparisons made.

Finding a needle in a strawberry

Finding a correct answer on our answer sheet

Finding a hard question at iQ Trivia (from a team that wound up NOT winning anything)

Finding a good trivia name among all the sh!t suggestions

Finding a brain in Newcastle

Finding a smile in a Uighur concentration camp

Like finding a liar in the White House

Finding a brain cell at a Trump rally

Finding a fraudulent vote in Pennsylvania

Finding Nemo in the East Australian current

Finding Private Ryan in Normandy

Finding a cloud in the Australian outback

Empty garbage bin in Canberra

Finding peace and quiet in 2020


Fast Banana

Rapacious Afghanistan

Greedy Gorilla


Tasty Florence

Wonky Telescope

Squishy Vegatation


In a lightning round, we asked for something beginning with the letter I that you might buy in case you had a car accident or a health emergency… and someone said “icepack”. Which is not… wrong. It just indicates some unusual health priorities..

We asked about a three letter word and were looking for “LED”. One team came up with “LER”, and it fit all the criteria. We checked, and “LER” IS a word. It’s a personification of the sea in Irish mythology, and we gave them a point for it. They were technically right, even though we’re pretty sure they didn’t know that.

Three teams mistook a cropped photo of Posh Spice for a cropped photo of Michael Jackson. Have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time?

When we played She Bop by Cyndi Lauper, one team said it was “that song from the flashback in Never Been Kissed.”

One of our hosts was trying to give hints about a bonus question where the answer was Libya… and he said it was in Asia… because he mixed it up with Syria. Naturally, there were team names including “an American finding Libya on a map”, and “an American who knows geography”.

See you next week.

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