This Week in iQ Trivia – 4 August 2018

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won this week, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


We had a team of veterans & a team of newbies take out jackpots this week.


Here’s why you want to be fired. To be honest, it made us wonder what some of you do for a living.

I hate people (this was the most common choice)

The pain is in my back but you x-rayed my front”

My boss got two of my colleagues pregnant

I’m pregnant with Barnaby Joyce’s love child

I have ten weeks of leave & I need the dough

F*ckin severance package… yeah!

Please fire us because Team Bagpuss is ready to go pro!

My boss made me bet $400 on the Masterchef finale

Came to trivia instead of picking my boss up at the airport

The light rail construction noise is unbearable

So you work at SBS… do you know Lee Lin Chin?

My boss is my pimp & my mum

Cocaine hangovers courtesy of the money market industry

I’m a priest in Ireland and they just opened a playground next to my church

I’m getting paid in Trump IOUs

People keep telling me they’re saving my job by not using self checkouts

A customer wanted my worn undies

WTF It’s beer o’clock

I’ll die before I go open plan

Hot desking

Cockroaches in the coffee machine

My boss thinks he’s better at trivia than me

And from a team made up largely of iQ Trivia hosts… Our boss asks too many questions


Sweaty Shakespeare

Blingy Panda Foot

Red Giraffe Hat

Elated Graveyard

Tasty Canada

Moronic Albatross


When we asked which name wasn’t an actual royal nickname from history, one team picked George the Curious it as either they would get a point, or they would find out there had actually been a George the Curious, so they would win either way.

We asked a question about Bill Shorten, and one team answered with “a super generic politician”.  We decided that was pretty much the same thing.

One team had a long & involving debate over how many feet a panda has.

A player had to be convinced by his teammates that Israel was an actual place.

And one team either spelled the title of the Robbie Williams hit Better Man incorrectly, or they actually thought the song was called Better Mao and is about one man’s constant struggle to maintain ideological conformity to the Chinese Communist Party.

See you next week.

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