This Week in iQ Trivia – 5 October 2019

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.



After months of contributing to jackpots, they finally won one.


Apparently we’ve got a lot of potential World Cup champions in a lot of unusual disciplines.

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory (from a team that was in first at halftime and came 7th at the end)

Not securing a table at iQ Trivia

Losing 5 points on the gambler’s question at iQ Trivia

Coming 3rd last rather than 2nd last at iQ Trivia

Arguing over Google auto-complete questions

Wasting my time at the pub

Chronic alcoholism

Pleasing my fiancee sexually

Misunderstood dick pics

Sh!t trivia tea names

Burping the alphabet underwater

Making flimsy plans, and then bailing at the last minute



Finding the right exit at Town Hall station

Overtaking people on the footpath

Finding free parking


Bovine Make Up

Cuddly Bandicoot

Beer Drinking Pig

Soft Balls

Moving Goon

Screwed Pub

Bendy Monster

Throbbing Straws

Feisty Boat

Estonian Fly Fishing


After we asked a fairly straightforward math question, we had to explain to one team that 2+5=7. Because they weren’t convinced right away.

The Battle of Stalingrad was described by one team as “that battle where all those people died” which is actually a pretty apt description.

A surprising number of people didn’t put it together that the word “Australia” comes up frequently in the national anthem.

We had guesses about the speed of the fastest lifts in the world ranging from 8km/hr to 500km/hr. So, barely moving, or warp speed.

A team of Swedish people failed to recognise The Sign by Ace of Base.

And one new team forgot to do the homework question on Spanish language Nobel Laureates in Literature, so their answer was “Pepe Shakespeare, Maria Austen, Penelope Bronte, and Pablo Dickens.”

See you next week.

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