This Week in iQ Trivia – 8 April 2017

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won this week, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.

Spider President: Caught in a Web of Lies

Toys R Us

Trivia At the Old Canberra Inn: Drinks on Joe

Nestle Now Child Labour Free

April Tools

Trump’s Golden Lavatories

Trump’s Tampons – By Cunts, For Cunts


It was a big week for Jackpots.

These guys came nowhere near winning on the quiz, but still won a jackpot of $42 dollars on their very first time at iQ Trivia. We’re pretty sure this kind of thing will happen again.

Knowing about Austrian Geography also helped these guys win $240 dollars after it had been building up for a long time.

And watching a lot of David Attenborough documentaries made these guys $99.


We had plenty of April Fool’s themed team names.

Free Tap Beers At The Old Canberra Inn

Cocaine Filled Oreo’s

Toothpaste Filled Oreo’s

Canberra Sheep Dog Trials: 7 Found Guilty

Joy buys all teams at iQ Trivia Beer for one night

Fair Dinkum Flood Insurance

Maccas new vegan burger – Braddon only

Rodin’s Trump

Kraken Discovered In Lake Burley Griffin

Team Bagpuss Decides NOT to Gamble Five Points

Drinking Is Good For You

I am Pregnant

Google Gnome

Trump Resigns Citing Inability to Implement Agenda

McDonald’s Now Serving Burgers with Real Beef

Honey I Want a Divorce

You ARE the Father

Inflatable Dartboard

Australia Day Moved to May 8

Trump Impeached following Merkl Pussy Grab

Russian Spy Network Exposed by Putin’s Lover – Melania T

Wallabies Beat the All Blacks

and Australian Government Suddenly Remembers they Represent the People


Pregnant Rocket

Purple Toast

Hateful Mate

Expired Stall

Wet Tent


Several teams thought that the first name of Superintendent Chalmers from the Simpsons was Super Nintendo.

The team who guessed that Hugh Hefner had donated money to save the “Great North American Tit” from extinction.

Guessing that Burn for You by INXS is actually titled “I’ve Got Big Hair and a Synth.”

Guessing that the role of Hagrid in Harry Potter was originally going to be played by Daniel Radcliffe (which would have made for one hell of a twist), or Scarlett Johanssen (which would have been a very different film.)

Adding the fact that Georgia O’Keeffe was the one who painted “those weird vagina flowers.”

Asking a question about the Cronulla Sharks logo while the TVs were showing NRL news, and having every team yell at Cooper Cronk to get off the screen so they could show a recap of Cronulla’s latest match.


The moment when your encyclopedic knowledge of The Gilmore Girls finally pays off on an audio question.

A new player from France doing a celebratory dance when asked to spell the word “rendezvous.”

Being the only team to recognise a famous line from The Importance of Being Earnest, AND reciting the dialogue word for word.


The team whose had a phone out and in use during the jackpot round defending themselves by saying they were only on Snapchat. (PUT YOUR DAMN PHONE AWAY FOR 60 DAMN SECONDS!

The team who guessed that what Sean Connery, George Costanza, Peter Garrett, and Dwight Eisenhower had in common was being men.  (If you don’t have our answer, your answer had better be both correct AND interesting.)

The team who were confused when we asked about the average number of shoes owned by Australian women, claiming it was impossible to know because they don’t all have the same number.

See you next week for more iQ Trivia.

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