This Week in iQ Trivia – 8 September 2018

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won this week, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


Two teams won jackpots after coming in first place.


Here you are at your pettiest. Some of you are horrible, HORRIBLE people!

Listening to Tom Petty. (Well, technically that is VERY petty.)

Burned my Nikes

Put laxatives in my work lunch because my workmate was a thief.

Told our annoying work colleague we were working late but then came to trivia without her.

I correct punctuation on menus.

Taking lids off salt & pepper shakers and leaving them loose

Leaving passive aggressive notes for housemates.

Fillin my sister’s phone up with bad selfies because she asked me to watch her phone.

Putting a red sock in the white wash.

Putting a banana in someone’s bag because they were mean to me.

Left a bad review at a funeral.

Leaving one square on the toilet roll.

Buying bad toilet paper in a sharehouse and deliberately installing it upside down.

Quibbling over bills at restaurants.

Arguing for 10 minutes over a 35 cent credit card charge being applied while using a debit card.

They didn’t take cards so I paid in 10 cent coins.

Unfriend on Facebook because of Farmville.

Leaving the alarm going at 5am to annoy the neighbours.

Ignoring the 12 items or less lane.

Signed my ex up for restaurant emails.

I took the remote when I left my ex’s house.

Changed the Netflix password after breaking up.

Peppered my ex’s bed.

Not letting my friends eat avocado unless I was eating avocado at the same time.

I will flush while you’re in the shower.

Destroyed my sister’s tomato plant because it was growing faster than my carrots.

Putting toenails in my sister’s quiche.

And worst of all… I didn’t like a girl so I rubbed her lip balm on my butthole.


Burnt Penguin

Horny Octopus Cow

Angelic Top Hat

Slimy Television

Squishy Dress

Cows Playing Bagpipes

Superfluous Groot

Sweaty Umbrella


When one of our player commented that we were allowed to ask question about things that happened since the year 2000, we diligently pointed out the several times we explicitly asked about pop culture since then.

As opposed to The King & I being banned in Thailand, one team guessed that the banned film we were looking for was Some Like It Hot on account of it being offensive to ladyboys.

A veteran team demanded an explanation to a logic question, only to realise that they had written down some of the relevant information incorrectly.

See you next week.

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