This Week in iQ Trivia – 9 November 2019

If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


We nearly gave away a jackpot on a question on Austrian scientists, but someone guessed that the namesake of Mach numbers was Ernest Mach, rather than Ernst Mach. (They ever wrote down Ernst, before crossing it out and going with Ernest.)


Most of you offered a lot of assistance to aliens looking to abduct you. Here’s what you suggested would work to get you in a trap.

Limited stock of a cheaper item at Aldi

Bottomless beer & crosswords

Unlimited wine

Mustard & hot sauce

Sour straps


Something shiny

An infusion of wormwood with powdered root and asphodel

Tom Waits on a unicycle (for some reason)

Unlimited Air Miles

Free wi-fi

Never having to hear Ed Sheeran again

Free probing

A will to live

Hanging out with Mulder

Unlimited trivia wins

Stable government

Affordable housing

And one team responded with… SCREW YOU AND YOUR BONUS POINT iQ TRIVIA! There’s no way we’re helping you with the alien invasion of Earth!

NOTE TO ALL TRIVIA PLAYERS: iQ Trivia Pty Ltd is entirely run by and for humans


Unsanitary Pressure

Purple Elephant

Bouncy Dart

Horny Garlic Bread

Washing Raccoons


When one host came down with tonsillitis, we arranged a fill in on 60 minutes notice.

We asked for countries within 1,500km of a famous site in India, and one team forgot to say India, despite us giving fairly obvious hints.

Zooey Deschanel of New Girl was described as “the sister of that chick from Bones”, which wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, but which wasn’t actually incorrect.

Upon hearing a song by N’Sync, one team answered that it was “The Backstreet Boys” or N’Sync which are basically the same band.

The name of Thor’s hammer was given as “Ron Jeremy.

And for Melbourne Cup day, one of our shows increased the number of gambler’s questions from one to four. Australians, it seems, really like to gamble.

See you next week.

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