This Week in iQ Trivia – Week of 20 February 2021

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.

May be an image of 4 people, dog and indoor


This guy won $151 all on his own. So he had a good night.

Whether good luck or expertise (lets be real here, it was probably luck), both of these teams won cash.

And one of them went right back to the bar for a round of New & Blue. (Note: Mixing Toohey’s New and Alize Blue is not something we recommend.


How to shock someone from 100 years ago? Here’s how.

The Germans have another crack at it

The Treaty of Versailles isn’t as water tight as you’d hope

There are more world wars to come

Women hold property in their own right and men are held responsible for domestic violence (some of the time)

I don’t have to wear pants to work anymore

Sodomy is legal

Smallpox is eradicated

I have Dogecoin in my cryptowallet

A man shot a car into space

Influencers are a thing

My book has run out of battery

You can’t pay with cash

Spanish Flu ver 2


Acute Chip

Effective Ewe

Fragile Court Room

Sleazy Road

Flappy Newcastle

Inappropriate Loonie

May be an illustration of text


We asked a question about Lucy Liu, and one team answered “not Lucy Liu”, which is quite literally the most wrong they could possibly be. A random string of meaningless letters would have been less incorrect.

One a question about whether Iceland or Tasmania had more people, one team couldn’t decide, but argued that either way you were going to marry your cousin.

We asked about elements spelled with the letter H, and someone tried to argue that we should accept Iron.  We pointed out that, it doesn’t have an H.  So they argued that the symbol had an H, which is also wrong.

And a player from the Philippines didn’t get a question about the origin of the name of The Philippines.

See you next week.

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