This Week in iQ Trivia – Week of 28 September 2019

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


Whether you knew about coins, ice hockey, or 1970s films, a lot of you won jackpots this week.


North Korean television won’t be short of new programming if your team names are to be believed.

Farmer Wants a Nuke

So You Think You Can Defect

Reverse Gogglebox (think about it)

Pimp My Rocket

North Korea’s Next Top Missile

Seoul Survivor

Undercover Boss: Pyongyang

Who Wants To Be A South Korean

Dictator Wants a Wife

Keeping Up With the Kims

Kath & Kim Jong-un

Every Round is Final Jeopardy

The Big Bang Theory

Koreannation Street

Real Housewives of Kim Jong-un

Jailed at First Site

Strictly Comrade Dancing

The Only Way Is Pyongyang

The Apprentice: Dictators

I’m a Political Prisoner, Get Me Out Of Here

Pyongyang Rescue

16 and Defected

My Kitchen’s Bare But my Nation Still Rules

Say Yes To Duress


Frothy Cheese

Delicious House

Creamy Beard

Frozen Camel

Ridiculous Carrot

Wicked Tree

Saucy Potato

Jumping Witch

Black Clock

Sorry Watch

Sexy Table


A man named John failed to guess that “John” was one of the most common words beginning with “JO”.

When we do a higher/lower round, like we did this week, we often like to start off with a really easy question to make sure everyone understands the concept. Well all week, we were amazed at the number of players who were eliminated by thinking the Wallabies had scored LESS than 250 points in ALL matches they have ever played against the All Blacks.

If asked to list a number of countries, we will just state for the record that those countries have to actually exist in the word at the moment. No listing countries that used to exist, unless we specify that’s what we’re looking for.

Also, for some reason, we had to clarify that you are NOT one of your own ancestors. (Unless you are using time travel to do things that are morally questionable and really, REALLY gross.)

We got a complaint that one of the picture questions was impossible, until we reminded them that it is quite difficult to get a picture question if you don’t look at the pictures.

When asked a question on movie math, one team guessed that Saving Private Ryan was released in 1989 (it was released in 1998), it was set in 1945 (it was set in 1944), and that the difference between those years was 54 years (it’s 44 years). But we were looking for the difference between the year it was released and the year it was set, which is 54 years. They got every aspect of the question wrong, then did the math wrong, and still got the final answer correct.

See you next week.

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