This Week in iQ Trivia – Week of 9 February 2019

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


This team came in last, but still knew enough about German cities to win the jackpot.

It was a big week for jackpots with three going off.


You gave us plenty of misheard lyrics

Dyslexics on fire

Go go Jason Waterfalls

Bald headed woman, bald headed woman with fleas

Revved up like a douche

We built this city on sausage rolls

The girl with colitis goes by

Now I’m feeling so fly like a cheese steak

I believe that the hot dogs go on

Dressed for some sex

Let’s get quizzical

Seven Asian armies

Like a virgin, f*cked for the very first time

If you wanna be my mother, you gotta get with my dad

Stuck in the middle with glue

Cheap wine and a female goat

Concrete jungle wet dream tomato

Alex the seal

Sweet home and banana

F*ck the Casbah

Hold me closer Tony Danza

Shave tonight

Feel the beat from the tangerine

Who’s gonna shave me

Pappadum preach

I can see clearly now, Lorraine has gone


Bouncy Apple Lightbulb

Beautiful Beer

Sexy Bearded Monkey

Unnecessary Sumo

Squeaky Pineapple

Fisting Pirate

Soggy Flamingo

Equine Tree


When we asked a bonus question about the largest country without rivers, someone guessed Australia. Sure we’re facing droughts, but really? Australia has no rivers?

We were giving the lyrics to a song for a bonus question, and we got as far as saying “hot, like, me, don’t, cha”, before the first team was willing to hazard a guess. And they didn’t even guess the song whose title we had just said seconds earlier.

And one of our regulars proved she could write backwards as quickly & clearly as forwards.

See you next week.

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