This Week in iQ Trivia – Week of 9 October 2016

You came through with plenty of proud and not so proud moments this week at iQ Trivia.

Team Names

Asked to come up with an alternate name for the Budgie Nine, there were plenty of clever team names.

The $300,000 Wasted On School Fees Nine

The Asi-Nine

The Nine Grand Pricks

The Flagless Flacid Fanny Five

The Too Pudgy for Budgie Smugglers Nine

The Lumpur Numpties


Hall of Shame Moments

The team that chose a jackpot subject after hearing only one option, and then getting it wrong.

Betting five on the gambler’s question before you’ve even heard it, and getting it wrong.

The guy from Liverpool who didn’t know his Liverpool neighbourhoods.



Happy Pencil


Should have used a rubber.


Well that got dark.


Complaining Flag


Is this the most annoyed Japanese flag you’ve ever seen?


Damn Canadians ruining everything.


Juicy Donuts


If this was done by anyone other than the person who actually drew it, I would assume it was anti-semitic.


Ok, so it’s a bit blurry, but that’s a pretty good Homer.



And on the more vulgar side of things, we have this.


A juice truck doing donuts.

Get down to our shows next week for more opportunities to argue with your friends.

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