Here’s what some venues and players are saying about iQ Trivia.

Bill at iQ Trivia provided me with everything I needed to run my work trivia night.  He prepared a great range of questions (including audio and visual) with just the right level of difficulty and was able to tailor questions around our theme.  Bill also had plenty of knowledge and tips to share regarding the scheduling of the night, what rules to set, and how best to host trivia.  Bill is a trivia expert, and it was fantastic to have access to his knowledge and experience.

– Michael, Department of Education

We’re not your average bar, and we didn’t want to have your average trivia.  iQ Trivia was just what we needed, bringing midweek crowds on a quiet night to an interesting venue with interesting questions and an interesting host.

– Mary Jane, Polit Bar

We knew iQ Trivia had a successful show elsewhere, and we wanted to add more of a spark to our own regular trivia night. We’re glad we did. Since we switched we’ve had plenty of new teams come back week after week and the kitchen is getting busier all the time.

– Sarah, Digress

iQ Trivia has been the death of ‘useless’ facts in my life.  Now I hear something interesting and think “That would be a great trivia question!” – and maybe I can get a free beer for it.

– DW

We’ve been doing trivia with iQ Trivia for almost two years and its leagues better than other trivia nights. The questions are just the right level of difficulty and the host knows his stuff.

– IN

iQ trivia is easily the best trivia I’ve been to, and it’s because it’s so thought provoking. They design the questions to not only be a test of knowledge, but to cause team mates to argue and discuss, while managing to never use “gotchas” or “tricks”. Combined with a host with an exuberant personality and a die hard love of trivia, its always a good weeknight out!

– NF

One of best run trivia shows I’ve been to. Interesting questions, relaxed atmosphere and fantastic for fun drinks with friends. Highly recommend. This guy knows his stuff.

– EA

The best trivia I’ve been to! The questions are so diverse everyone was able to answer something. Even me! Also the drawing questions are my favourite.

– KD

Better than an episode of QI. The mix of questions is unlike any other. So good!

– JD

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